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В августе 39-го

…Отмечая, что в двадцатом веке европейские страны испытали на себе два мощных тоталитарных режима, нацистский и сталинский, которые несли с собой геноцид, нарушения прав и свобод человека, военные преступления и преступления против человечества… объявить 23 августа, т.е. день подписания 70 лет назад пакта «Риббентроп-Молотов», общеевропейским днем памяти жертв сталинизма и нацизма во имя сохранения памяти о жертвах массовых депортаций и казней.
(Из текста исторической
Приложение: фильм Нацисты в Америке (передан Л. Стадлер от Л. Диневича с нижеследующим предисловием Э. Маркова — США):

Nazis in America. The following was filmed in the U.S. a few months ago. The film begins with some information in Hebrew, but quickly switches to English. Just so you know who's out there.
Not in Germany, but in the US…
Not in the 1940's, but right now…
How many of you really know what's happening in your own back yard?
They're not scared anymore.
In broad daylight, in the middle of downtown, by taking advantage of freedom of speech, and with police protection they continue to spread their hatred.
Don't stand aside on this, take a stance and make sure that this will never happened again. Forward this Email to as many people you can so every one will know.
The movie is from Israel and it's about the Nazis' of Minnesota filmed on 4/23/2006.
Please take a couple of minutes and watch this movie. The beginning of it is in Hebrew, but the rest is in English.

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